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I have been researching the topic of Electromagnetic Fields on the human body for almost a decade. The reason I even became interested in this subject was due to what I was reading on the internet about people experiencing EMF related illnesses very similar to what my wife was going through. It was as if others where living our lives but with different names and locations.


As I looked for answers about what I was discovering I came across the Certified Training program through Since I was trying to learn all I could about EMF issues and particularly Electrical Sensitivity I decided to pursue the intense and detailed training as an EMF Expert Consultant so I could fully understand the effects of EMF's on my wife with the end result of being able to help my wife regain her health and well being.


She has been seen by many specialists and doctors over the past 25 years and none of them could find the foundational cause of her health issues. She has suffered with sleeplessness, heart arrhythmia's, super ventricular tachycardia, inflammation in her entire body, acid reflux, digestive issues, bloating and gas, skin rash, facial flushing, itching, burning skin, muscle twitches and cramps, tingling in her skin and eyes, swollen lymph nodes, immune abnormalities, abdominal pain, enlarged thyroid, pain in the teeth, allergies, ringing in the ears, deteriorating filings, altered sugar metabolism, dehydration, dryness of lips.


Most of her health issues have been for going on for more than 15 years and some of the heart issues for more than 25 years.


During the course of my training and certification I discovered the many types of EMF meters that are available and purchased some for use in consulting work. After learning the proper way to use the meters and through skill building assessments I measured our home environment for EMF's and discovered several very disturbing high levels of EMF's in and around our home. I immediately proceeded to implement some of the mitigation methods that I learned through the EMF Expert Consultant Training.  


We began to see some positive results right away. Some of the methods employed were turning off WiFi and hard wiring all wireless devices. Getting rid of any wireless devices that were not able to be hard wired like the Roku device and DECT phone. Unplugged the microwave oven. Installed Greenwave filters to help mitigate the dirty electricity in the home. Removed all CFL and florescent bulbs in the home. Turned off and unplugged any devices in the bedroom that emitted EMF's. We did many other mitigation efforts to get our home into a somewhat safe EMF free zone. Unfortunately we lived very close to 2 Cell towers, high voltage transmission power lines, a electrical substation that serves also as a power grid switching station which created very high Electromagnetic fields that cannot be shielded in a cost effective manner, RF emitting smart meters and neighbors with 5G connected devices where all around us. So our only option was to move.


So we bought 12 acres in the country and after testing the property for EMF's decided to move out of the city and into the country where we could get away from the EMF's that were overloading our bodies.


Since the move to the country my wife is beginning to see dramatic improvements in her health and will most likely continue to improve since we have removed a serious amount of EMF overload on her. We know it was a real issue with the EMF's because everytime we return to the city or go to a family members home for a party or get together she experiences many of the symptoms beginning to manifest again. She is especially sensitive to cell towers and can feel them in a physical way when we drive near one. She is usually exhausted for several days after returning to our country home. 


Now that we have walked through this journey together and seen the effects of EMF's and the results of mitigating them I am now dedicated to helping others in her similar situation.



My professional focus is on adult and children eperiencing Electrical Sensitivity (ES) or Electrical Hyper Sensitivty (EHS) symptoms such as:

~Difficulty sleeping
~Mental fogginess
~Heart Palpitations, Arrhythmia's & SVT's (Related to EMF's)
~Pregnant Women
~Homes with children (EMF Safety Training)
~Memory Issues
~Children with ADHD (Sleep Environment Very Important)
~Children with Autism (Sleep Environment Very Important)
~Elderly (Safe Home Environment)

The process will consist of comprehensive environmental EMF readings conducted with specialized professional grade meters and instruments specifically designed for the EMF consultant.

Detailed reports will be developed with remediation and mitigation suggestions.

Mitigation services will be available post consultation.(ie..Shielding Paint application, installation of shielding materials, changing out EMF emmiting devices with safer versions, hard wiring electronic devices to eliminate WiFi signals,...etc..)

Given my background as a Real Estate professional since 2004 as well as a remodeling specialty contractor since 2000 I have a unique perspective in helping home buyers find an EMF safe home. As a contractor I am able to help clients remediate issues that are discovered during the consultation or refer them to a professional (ie. electrician) if needed.