EMF Overload Detection And Protection


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Our services will consist of testing homes and work places using specialized meters and tools to detect Electromagnetic Fields of all types and formulating a plan of action to mitigate any unsafe levels that may be effecting health and well being.


Services will also consist of educating clients in safe levels of EMF and the safe use of technology. Seminars will be available for groups of 5 or more interested in learning about the harmful effects of using so much technology in our society and how it will continue to worsen with the roll out of 5G and the IoT (Internet of Things)


Mitigation services will be offered as well which will incliude all phases of corrective measures to mitigate and create a safe environment as much as possible. 


Consultant rates are based on the national average for EMF consultants at the rate of 75.00 per half hour. The average home requires about an hour for testing, measuring and recording meter readings. The analysis and report will be prepared off premises in the office and emailed or presented in person with a detailed explaination of steps to take to mitigate the unsafe levels of EMF's in the home and most importantly to restore a peaceful and EMF free zone for sleeping as much as is possible.


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